Near-Death Experiences

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January 2017. Dan Schneider Interview. The idea was to have a three way discussion on NDEs along with PMH Atwater who is well-known for her writings on NDEs. Sadly, tech troubles with Skype meant we had to do the interviews individually. Dan cast PMH as ‘pro’ NDE and me as ‘con’, but I pointed out that I am not at all against NDEs; they are amazing experiences that can transform people’s lives and teach us a great deal about mind, brain and consciousness– it is just that she and I differ completely on their interpretation. Listen to mine here and Atwater’s here


MOOC interviews – for Think101
Interview 1 – extraordinary claims, OBE
Interview 2 – psychics, NDEs, science


The Humanist Hour #122  29 October 2014 (starts discussion on NDEs, paranormal and consciousness at minute 10)

Book Chapters

The implausibility of astral bodies and astral worlds’ and ‘Out-of-body experiences are not evidence for survival. In The Myth of an Afterlife Ed. Michael Martin and Keith Augustine, Rowman & Littlefield, pp 393-403 and 519-27


Blackmore, S. 1993 Dying to Live: Near Death Experiences. Buffalo, N.Y., Prometheus, ISBN 087975 870 8 Translations


Near-death experiences on TV. Sceptic Magazine, 17(1) 2004, 8-10

Blackmore,S.J. 1991 Near-Death Experiences: In or out of the body? Skeptical Inquirer 16 34-45

My own 1970 experience included almost all aspects of a classic NDE, even though I was not near death.


Award – MBA May 2011I received in the post a delightful hand-made badge for the Gold standard Materialist Bravery Award, from Ms Dai Andthatsit in Dawkinshire. Apparently I’m so brave that I don’t need to believe in life after death. (my opinion has nothing to do with the evidence of course!)