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Research Topics


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People often ask me what to read on a particular subject. Here are some suggestions.

Out-of-body Experiences


Blackmore, S. 1982 Beyond the Body: An investigation into out-of-body experiences , reprinted 1992 (with new postscript), Chicago, Academy Chicago, ISBN 0 89733 344 6. Translations

Blackmore, S. 1993 Dying to Live: Science and the Near Death Experience, London, Grafton, ISBN 0 586 09212 9
and Dying to Live: Near Death Experiences. Buffalo, N.Y., Prometheus, ISBN 087975 870 8


Interview about  my own OBE and OBE experiments for MOOC Think101


Blackmore,S.J. 1984b  A psychological theory of the OBE Journal of Parapsychology 48 201-218 PDF Also reprinted, with new postscript, in Psychological Scientific Perspectives on Out of Body and Near Death Experiences. Ed: Craig D. Murray. NY Nova, 2009

Blackmore,S.J. 1983d Are out-of-the-body experiences evidence for survival? Anabiosis 3 137-155

Blackmore,S.J. 1983e Birth and the OBE: an unhelpful analogy Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 77 229-238

Blackmore,S.J. and Harris,J. 1983 OBEs and perceptual distortions in schizophrenic patients and students. In Research in Parapsychology 1982 Ed. W.G.Roll, J.Beloff and R.A.White, Metuchen, N.J., Scarecrow, 232-234

Blackmore,S.J. 1982b Have you ever had an OBE?: the wording of the question Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 51 292-302 PDF

Blackmore,S.J. 1986b Out-of-body experiences in schizophrenia: a questionnaire survey Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 174 615-619

Blackmore,S.J. 1986c Where am I?: perspectives in imagery, memory and the OBE. In: Research in Parapsychology 1985 Ed. D.Weiner and D.Radin, Metuchen, N.J. Scarecrow, 163-164

Blackmore,S.J. 1987c Where am I?: Perspectives in imagery, and the out-of-body experience Journal of Mental Imagery 11 53-66 PDF

Blackmore,S.J. and Wooffitt, R.C.1990 Out of the body experiences in young children Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 56 155-158 PDF

Blackmore,S.J. 1991d Near-Death Experiences: In or out of the body? Skeptical Inquirer 16 34-45 (this article has been reprinted several times and also translated into Spanish). Reprinted in Fredriksson, I (Ed) Aspects of Consciousness: with new introduction - an update on OBEs.

See my own 1970 experience posted at Charles Tart's TASTE site http://www.issc-taste.org/arc/dbo.cgi?set=expom&id=00075&ss=1

See also Near-Death Experiences

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