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Research Topics


All my books and articles are listed in Publications
People often ask me what to read on a particular subject. Here are some suggestions.


(I have written extensively on consciousness - this is just a small selection)


Consciousness: An Introduction, Second Edition, London, Hodder Education 2010  or  New York, Oxford University Press, 2011

Blackmore, S 2011 Zen and the Art of Consciousness, Oxford, Oneworld

Conversations on Consciousness, Oxford, Oxford University Press 2005  (and see audio below)

A Very Short Introduction to Consciousness, Oxford, Oxford University Press 2005

Book chapters

Blackmore, S. (2012) Turning on the light to see how the darkness looks. In Consciousness: Its Nature and Functions, Ed Shulamith Kreitler and Oded Maimon, NY, Nova pp 1-22

Blackmore,S.J. (2002) What is consciousness? In H. Swain (Ed) Big Questions in Science, London, Jonathan Cape, 39-43


Blackmore, S. 2012 She won't be me. Journal of Consciousness Studies, Singularity Special Edition, 19, No 1-2, 16-19

Blackmore,S.J. (2002) There is no stream of consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 9, 17-28  

Blackmore, S. 2002 The grand illusion: Why consciousness only exists when you look for it.  New Scientist, 22.6.02, 26-29 (cover story)

Blackmore,S.J., Brelstaff,G., Nelson, K. and Troscianko,T. 1995 Is the richness of our visual world an illusion? Transsaccadic memory for complex scenes. Perception, 24, 1075-1081c
(NB - this was the first ever published experiment on 'change blindness')

Blogs and web

OUP blog on consciousness, 4 April 2014

The Edge Question 2014. What scientific idea is ready for retirement? My answer: The neural correlates of consciousness.


Michael Persinger and the God Helmet  - interview with Susan Blackmore (published 2014). Watch on YouTube

Debate with Deepak Chopra at Towards a Science of Consciousness, TSC Tucson April 2012. Watch My lecture - panel discussion with Deepak.


Lecture on the Illusion of Consciousness at the Skeptics conference 2005


"The curious illusion of consciousness": audio "teleseminar" for the Institute of Noetic Sciences. I talk to Marilyn Schlitz about mind, meditation and consciousness.13.4.11

Conversations on Consciousness - an interview about the book with The Guardian's James Randerson
and full length interviews (more than in the book) with Dan Dennett, VS Ramachandran and Francis Crick April 2007

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