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Videos & Podcasts


If you want to see something on a particular subject please look in Research Topics.

Dan Dennett and me in 'Conversation' about his new book at the Bristol Festival of Ideas. 22.02.17.

Dan Schneider Interview on near-death experiences. Paired with another interview with NDE researcher PMH Atwater.

Susan Blackmore talks to Cara Santa Maria at the QED Conference in Manchester, for Talk Nerdy, October 2016 (Episode 135) Listen 

Short clip on Personal Identity from 'Closer to Truth' 16.9.2016

Consciousness in treme machines. For CogNovo's summer school "ColLaboratoire" (University of Plymouth), inspired by the students' question 'Could the Internet be conscious?' 19.08.2016 watch on Vimeo

Panel discussion, Richard Dawkins: The Rational Revolutionary, from Intelligence Squared, London 14 July 2016 Podcast

'The new science of out-of-body experiences' Lecture for CogNovo, University of Plymouth, 7 December 2015 watch on Vimeo

Interview on Radio West (KUER) from Salt Lake City.  What is consciousness? 10 December 2015

Swedish TV station (Axess TV). In summer 2015 I grilled some of the world's experts about the great mysteries of consciousness (David Chalmers, Pat Churchland, Andy Clark, Michael Gazzaniga and Thomas Metzinger). The first of these interviews with Patricia Churchland is now available to watch online.

Interview with me on Consciousness Central, at Towards a Science of Consciousness, Helsinki, June 2015. I am interviewed about the talk I gave on "Out-of-body experiences and what they tell us about ourselves".

May I offend you? The clash of Science, Religion and Free Speech. My lecture at the American Atheists National Convention, Memphis April 2015. Watch on YouTube.

The Perfect Human Being (De Volmaakte Mens) was broadcast on Dutch public television. This episode – Human versus Machine – revolves around the conversations between myself and Nick Bostrom with our host Bas Heijne. 2015 (the clip involving us starts at around 16.40)

Listen to "The viral mind of Susan Blackmore" interviewed on Litopia after Dark, 27 March 2015

Mind Byte - just one minute on free will 2014

Michael Persinger and the God Helmet  - interview with Susan Blackmore (published 2014). Watch on YouTube

The Humanist Hour #122 A discussion on the psychology of the paranormal with Dr. Susan Blackmore 29 October 2014 (starts at minute 10.)

Cologne Conference Futures, 6 October 2014. Listen to my talk on 'Memes, tremes and the future of consciousness'.

The Forum, BBC World Service, panel discussion on Invisibility July 2014

Free will - can we live without the illusion? Lecture to Freethought Arizona 27 April 2014

MOOC interviews - for Think101 extraordinary claims.
Interview 1 -  my own OBE, ESP and OBE experiments, Tarot
Interview 2 -  psychics, NDEs, scientific thinking. 2014.

Lecture at TAM - The Amazing Meeting. July 2013. Watch 'Fighting the Fakers - and Failing'

The biggest questions - audio discussion on consciousness with Tony Sobrado. October 2013

Lecture 'Living without free will'; British Humanist Annual Conference Leeds, June 2013

Mysteries of Seeing, Conference on Science and Nonduality (SAND), Doorn, Netherlands, 31 May 2013. Video

The mystery of consciousness, lecture in Sofia, Bulgaria, April 2013

Viruses - from biology to memes; a discussion on the BBC World Service Forum. March 2013
Plastic-eating bugs: 60 second idea to change the world

'Did I get here of my own free will?' Science and Cocktails, Copenhagen, 19 March 2013 video

Interview on NPR 'To the best of our knowledge', talking about Zen and consciousness, 31 October 2012

Podcast interview on US Public Radio To the best of our knowledge about memes and temes. 29 July 2012

New Scientist blog on Unconscious consciousness, my contribution to the ASSC conference in July 2012

She won't be me. Conference on Science and Nonduality SAND, Doorn, Netherlands, June 2012.  video

Debate with Deepak Chopra at Towards a Science of Consciousness, TSC Tucson April 2012. My lecture - panel discussion.

Point of Inquiry, CSI podcast on NDEs and consciousness 27 Feb 2012

Indian sceptic Nirmukta website, interview on parapsychology and changing my mind. January 2012

Interview on memes for the Polish magazine Polytka, text (in Polish), videocast January 2012

Secular Buddhist, podcast interview on scepticism, meditation and consciousness. 9 December 2011

Hay festival, 5.6.2011 the Philosophy festival HowTheLightGetsIn.
Videos of "Genes, Memes and temes" and Drug debate.

Internet memes: interview at The Pod Delusion 18th March 2011. This interview was about the BBC Radio 4 programme "What's in a meme?" which I presented on 22 March 2011.

Comments on YouTube on Alan Wallace's "Universal Consciousness" for Dutch Buddhist Broadcasting Company.  22 Feb 2011

The BHA's Resolution Revolution: see me asking Mitch Benn, Al Murray, Simon Singh and others about their resolutions.

Interview on near-death experiences with Skeptico (includes challenge by Alan Wallace - and see YouTube discussion above)

Drugs talk at The Opium Den, August 2010

Wired for God? I (the atheist) debate the origin of spiritual experiences with Charles Foster (the Christian) on Premier Christian Radio's "Unbelievable" 17 July 2010. Listen.

How do we study Consciousness? for the Consciousness Chronicles April 2010. video

A debate on Premier Christian Radio about the dreadful film "Expelled". 20 March 2010 Podcast.

I had tea with Richard Wiseman. August 2009 podcast

Interview about Ten Zen Questions,  on Buddhist Geeks. May 2009

C-Realm podcast - Sue Blackmore talks to KMO about memes, drugs and Zen, 28 January 2009

Genes, memes and temes. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Monterey, CA, 28.02.08

BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival, in Liverpool. Listen to "The Myth of Free Will", broadcast on Radio 3, on 2.11.08

Free will and why I don't believe in it. Podcast for G'Day World 22 May 2008

Is God a dangerous delusion? A debate with Alister McGrath at Bristol University, 13.11.2007

The Reasoning Show, discussion with David Quinn and Dan Rowden, on parapsychology, consciousness, OBEs and more. May 2007

Conversations on Consciousness - an interview about the book with The Guardian's James Randerson
and full length interviews (more than in the book) with Dan Dennett, VS Ramachandran and Francis Crick.  April 2007

Darwin Day Lecture "Darwin's Meme: On the origin of culture by means of natural selection" , , University of Central Lancashire, 12.02.07 Abstract 

Skeptico Interview on consciousness and the paranormal. 5 March 2007  audio

Point of Inquiry discussion with D.J. Grothe on science, belief and naturalism,     15 December 2006

The Sci Phi Show - Outcast #8, Interview on Memes, 21 August 2006

Video of my lecture at the Skeptics Society Conference 2005

The Future of Memetics audio of a lecture given at Pop!Tech 2005

WIE Unbound (What is Enlightenment), "Does consciousness exist?" an interview with Craig Hamilton about consciousness and spirituality. November 2004

Listen to BBC Radio 4 "A Place of Silence", recorded in 1998. A half-hour documentary about the Maenllwyd retreat in rural Wales.

Old things I still like

The cleverest ape in the world, Channel 4 Documentary, first broadcast 03.09.2001 Watch on Youtube

 'Close Encounters', A BBC documentary about alien abductions that I presented back in 1994 - recently made available on YouTube.

BBC Radio 4 "A Place of Silence", recorded in 1998. A half-hour documentary about the Maenllwyd retreat in rural Wales.

Castaway on Desert Island Discs BBC Radio 4, 3.5.98 and 8.5.98.



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