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Test Your Psychic Powers

Find out the truth for yourself! 

Susan Blackmore and Adam Hart-Davis

Published by Thorsons, London, 1995, ISBN 1-85538-441-8; Test Your Psychic Powers: Find Out the Truth for Yourself
and Sterling, New York,1997 ISBN 0-8069-9669-2

Have you ever wondered whether you have psychic powers? This book contains a set of easy to do experiments that will help you find your own answers to such questions as ...

          Does telepathy exist?      Do crystals have special powers?

How do dowsers find underground water?        Why do pendulums spin?

     Can you influence other people's dreams?   Can anyone really predict the future?

                  Does astrology work?           What are auras and can you see them?

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Test Your Psychic Powers has been translated into German, Czech and Italian. 
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Buy this book from Amazon.com Test Your Psychic Powers or from Amazon.co.uk Test Your Psychic Powers: Find Out the Truth for Yourself


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